Dodds Gets Killed While Ed And Olivia Work Things Out In Law And Order: SVU Season 17 Finale, Julie Martin Assures Fans That Warren’s Departure Will Change Nothing!

Julie Martin quipped in saying that in Law and Order: SVU Season 17, they wanted to show the two aspects of life, the sadness and the pain and the ray of hope and things to look forward to, in the other. Martin is already back to work on the next season of Law and Order: SVU Season 17. The upcoming season will not have Warren Leight in the seat of the showrunner.

Martin revealed that there is a lot of concern surrounding Warren Leight’s departure, but she assured the fans that she along with many other writers from the previous season and going to be back for the next season of Law and Order: SVU Season 17.

She informed that fans that the kind of story and the kind of action that they are seeing in the show for the past five seasons will be present even in the upcoming one.

Law and Order: SVU Season 17 has beautifully brought to an end a great season. Leave a comment and share your thoughts on Law and Order SVU Season 17.