Disney VertiGo: Wall Climbing Robot-Car Showed Off by Disney, Likely to Become a Possible Successor to The Sphero BB-8, And More!

The BB-8 from Sphero is a droid which is set to make an appearance in the upcoming film- Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The BB-8 robot has been spotted by fans of the Star Wars movie franchise in the first trailer that was released for the film.

A smaller version of the BB-8 robot is currently available in the market alongside other licensed toys of the Star Wars franchise. This miniature robot packs a lot of punch and is expected to be a hit among kids and also adults.

A Disney Accelerator program was organized last Summer and representatives of Sphero were invited by Disney to be a part of the program. The representatives attended the program carrying with them a number of sketches for the BB-8. Bob Iger, the chief executive at Disney met them on the first day of the program and sought their help in the materialization of the character for the movie.

The BB-8 was finally created and Walt Disney Co. incorporated the robot in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie and it also became an official Star Wars toy. The robot has the capability of rolling at both high and low speeds. It can respond to commands from its users and can be used to patrol a room or build a map of its surrounding environment.

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