Dishonored 2 Looks Quite Promising With New Abilities for Playable Female Character Emily Kaldwin, And More

There are a lot of people who wish to play with the new powers and abilities of Emily Kaldwin. From the looks of it, her powers look awesome and gamers would definitely prefer them. However, there are many who still haven’t played Dishonored but are quite interested about Dishonored 2. To these gamers, I suggest that you start playing Dishonored first.

Experience the powers and abilities of Corvo and his gameplay style along with his entire story. I’m quite sure that you will love it! Once you have experienced Corvo in his full glory, you could choose to play Emily next in Dishonored 2. As a result, you get to experience both these characters by the time you complete Dishonored 2 for the first time.

Sounds like a great idea? Go for it! At the same time, Dishonored 2 sounds quite promising and I’m currently wondering whether Corvo gets some special abilities as well. With any kind of game, we have seen a protagonist developing something new in the next title. Fans that have learnt to love Corvo and his style of gameplay will prefer sticking to him in the next title, perhaps for the first time they beat the game.

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