Dishonored 2 Looks Quite Promising With New Abilities for Playable Female Character Emily Kaldwin, And More

In Dishonored 2’s first trailer that was revealed in E3 2015, it was revealed that players can become a female assassin named Emily Kaldwin. A proper follow-up from Bethesda tells us more about who she is and the specifics of her abilities.

In case you played Dishonored before, the first original title, then you probably know about her and that she was the Daughter of the Empress.  After the murder of her mother, bodyguard Corvo Attaro, who is the main protagonist of Dishonored, watched over her.

In fact, the relationship between these two characters was a key part of the game. If the player manages to complete the missions with minimum use of violence, Emily will make several drawings that portray him as a father figure. In case he takes a more violent approach, Emily’s drawings will get darker and monstrous.

Recently, in a video Q&A session involving Dishonored 2, Harvey Smith, co-creative director talked about something really magical involving Emily and it was special for the development team. The team really wanted to bring her back for the sequel. According to official reports, Dishonored 2 is set 15 years after the original game.

Emily is a 25 year old woman now and she was educated and raised by Corvo since she was last seen and you will no longer notice the privileged girl nature in her anymore. In fact, she has become quite a capable assassin, much like her mentor. The campaign will begin with players controlling Emily for 20-30 minutes and then you follow her through a typical day and then get introduced to Corvo.

Then, you can choose whether you wish to play as Emily or rather switch to Corvo. You will have to control whatever character you choose for the rest of the game. In case you pick Emily, you will gain access to a different set of powers. For instance, she has the ‘Far Reach’ power instead of Corvo’s ‘Blink’. With the help of Far Reach, she shoots out a tentacle in order to grab onto a ledge from far and then stick to it.

This power can also be used to snag enemies and then you can assassinate them in mid-air. Smith also talked about ability known as ‘Shadow Walk’ but declared that we’ll find out more about it later. Dishonored 2 is presently being developed for Xbox One, PS4 and PC consoles and it is expected to release in the first quarter of 2016.

Emily Kaldwin was just a minor assassin in Dishonored but she is pretty much the main character in the upcoming Dishonored 2. There are many who haven’t played Dishonored before but plan to get their hands on Dishonored 2. In that case, you should know that Emily witnessed the death of her mother with her own eyes.

Since then, Corvo took care of the Empress’ daughter and raised her like his own. However, this took a toll on Corvo when it was revealed that Emily could really be his daughter as it was discovered that he happened to be her mother’s lover. Arkane’s Harvey Smith was asked about why they chose Emily and he replied that that there is something magical about her and the game.

When they finished Dishonored 1, they started talking about how Emily’s energy could be continued in the next title and this would be brilliant. Things like what kind of a person she would grow up to be or what kind of a person she would be and also the kind of outlaw she would become.