Development of Borderlands 3 On the Cards, Will Be Better and More Advanced Compared to Its Predecessors!

Coming back to the matter of Scooper, it was found out that Pitchford’s wife was very disappointed with what happened to Scooter in Tales from the Borderlands. Apparently, to provide her with some kind of peace of mind, the idea of creating a son of Scooter was hatched by the developers. This character will have a very high-pitched voice.

The initial announcement for the game was made in January 2015 and at that time it was dubbed as “the big one” by Pitchford. It was also confirmed that the game will be launched for the platforms of Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It is most likely that a PC version of the game will also be released.

That being said, it is unlikely that Borderlands 3 will be compatible with the outdated consoles of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

As for Battleborn, it was rolled out on May 3rd and it features 25 playable characters. Each of the characters have a unique storyline and all of them come loaded with different kinds of weapons. More weapons and other items can be unlocked by making progress in the game.

The game will soon receive its first expansion pack and it was stated by Pitchford that the expansion pack of Battleborn will come with certain Borderlands 3 Easter Eggs and references which will come to the light if players look through the DLC closely.

Stay tuned for more update on Borderlands 3.