Developers Insert Easter Eggs In Gears Of War 4, Game To Have Superior Video Quality!

The Swarm will see J.D Fenix, the son of Anya and Marcus, along with Kait and Del trying to deal with the new crisis at hand. The E3 preview of Gears of War 4 gave a clear hint at the what the new threat is going to look like, and the players are very excited with the lineup they had been given a glimpse of.

The Juvie is one kind of enemy that might not be strong, but it is very unpredictable when it comes to movement, and this makes it difficult to be attacked by the players. In fact, there was an instance in the demo of Gears of Wars 4, where the players saw the Juvie enter what was called a Swarm nest and come out stronger, with better equipment.

Gears of War 4 also has an enemy called the Pouncer, which is a four-legged creature that has a tail full of quills that can be unleashed. While getting close to it is going to be a difficult task, the players will be able to tackle it with the help of a chainsaw once they slice through their belly.

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