Developers Insert Easter Eggs In Gears Of War 4, Game To Have Superior Video Quality!

The fans were already excited about Gears of Wars 4 when they heard that the shooter game is going to be packed with Easter eggs and freebies. The developers have revealed that there are some new Easter eggs for the fans to find out and enjoy.

Rod Fergusson, the head of The Coalition had recently posted on Twitter that they have incorporated one of his favorite Easter eggs in Gears of War 4, and he hopes that the players find them and enjoys the experience.

Christian Today has reported that Microsoft Studios has decided to announce a special offer for those who buy Gears of War 4. The Studio has decided to give the whole set of Gears of War for Xbox 360 free with every purchase of Gears of War 4. This way, the player will be able to enjoy each of the installments of the franchise.

Previously the players using Xbox One couldn’t play the games that were available on Xbox 360. However, with the backward-compatibility program, the players get to enjoy almost 200 existing games in their consoles, an experience that they were previously losing out on.

Those interested in the special promo offer of Gears of War 4 have to avail the offer before the 31st of December and will need them to free almost 32GB of space for the free games that they will be getting. The players will get a Xbox Live Messenger via a message and will be able to download the games in batches so that there isn’t much stress on the servers during the download process.

There is another freebie that the players of Gears of War 4 will be getting. The game is from the Xbox Play Anywhere segment, which means that they get to enjoy the game both on the Xbox One and the PC. This gives the players the chance to play on both the consoles and enjoy the game thoroughly.

According to Vine Report, the Gears of War 4 is going to have a very advanced visual quality. While talking about the changes that the developers have incorporated, Mike Rayner, the technical director of The Coalition has discussed the benefits of using the Unreal Engine 4. Rayner revealed that one of the best things about the Unreal Engine 4 is the availability of cross-platform engine.

This gives them the chance to test on every platform. To elaborate on it, Gears of War 4 could be built on Windows and tested on Xbox One and can be run on PCs. The game has been fashioned in such a way that will work marvelously even on a mid-range computer, and the players do not necessarily need a high-end gaming computer to enjoy Gears of War 4.

Gears of War 4 is going to start 25 years after the Gears of War 3. The players saw mankind get a victory against the Lambent and the Locust threats, but the Coalition of Ordered Governments is still worried about the small human population.

Since there are only hundreds of thousands of humans left, the Coalition of Ordered Governments is not going to take any chance and are keeping the humans in walled off areas.

This doesn’t go well with some humans who do not prefer the COGs and would rather live outside the world without any resources and on their own. They continue to steal and loot resources for their survivals from the territories under the COGs. When Gears of War 4 returns, the players will have to deal with a new threat that has been termed as the Swarm.