Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Disappoints Fans With Its One Time Only Usable DLC, Game’s PC Port Support Shows Technical Issues, First PC Patch Arrives To Remedy Problems

Not just that, the one-time use limitation is also reportedly set for the things you get at the game’s season pass as well.

By performance, the reviews from players at Steam are that which can be roughly summed up as “Mixed”. Having 1,693 positives and 932 negatives, however, since then Square Enix posted a list of issues it’s aware of. Among these include obvious indicators like lowering the settings of the graphics and playing the game in windowed mode.

Taking into consideration the problems faced by users to run the game on PC, the company had come up with a patch yesterday. They are hopeful that the update solves much of the problems.

Yesterday’s patch brings the game to v1.0 build 524.7 and focuses on some of the critical issues users ran into following the release. The patches deal primarily with crashes and not performance issues, like fixing crashes caused by third-party programs meddling with the game.

It also attempts at fixing crashes that occurred after viewing the intro videos, solving issues that could cause crashes at the end of the Prague intro scene and on fixing the mouse invert setting, which was not being displayed correctly on the options menu.

Stay tuned for more updates.