Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Disappoints Fans With Its One Time Only Usable DLC, Game’s PC Port Support Shows Technical Issues, First PC Patch Arrives To Remedy Problems

Following Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s launch on the 23rd August 2016, a substantial number of the PC players seem to be facing problems. Before the release of the game, Eidos Montreal, the developers of the game, informed about the minimum recommended specs for PC.

Some of the technical problems include frame rate drops, then mid-high level systems struggling to perform on lowered settings. A few of the players even seem to have stated on sites like Steam and Reddit about problems regarding disabled mouse acceleration options. Also, misunderstanding regarding the information on the game’s pre-order or Day One Edition DLC has upset a chunk of the game’s players.

Even though, like most reputable studios, Eidos Montreal too had released their recommended and minimum specs for the PC game. However, the questions that it leaves unanswered are that gamers still aren’t sure as to what graphical quality the developers have intended for each set.

We don’t know for sure whether the recommended specs mean one can max out everything at 1080p, or if the studio is targeting 60 or 30fps for that spec.

Many players were running high-end hardware, setting everything to maximum, to get a high frame-rate. However after struggling to sustain 60fps, many were left thinking that the port wasn’t able to support it, since their hardware setups have clearly done better with many other games.

In response to this, the developer of the game posted a long forum post about exactly the type of performance the minimum and endorsed recommended settings is intended to give.

As far as the minimum specs are concerned, Eidos Montreal is targeting to deliver 30fps at 720pixels. This is at the Low quality pre-set. Astonishingly though, the game’s specs as per recommendation are designed for 1080pixel resolutions and 60fps on average for the High-quality version.

It was mentioned in the forum post that Very High and Ultra pre-sets are aimed at players having specs well above the range recommended. It is also suitable for those gamers who don’t mind playing the game at frame-rates below 60.

Beyond a temporary AA solution, the only hard AA option the game offers (MSAA) is designed for those running SLI or CrossFire. You take this and combine it with Contact Hardening Shadows; it will make PCs with recommended specs suffer even more.

On the other hand, fans were also pretty disappointed to find out that the pre-ordered free bonuses that were given to them by Square Enix were only available for one-time use. The developers of the game in a recent Reddit post explained that Consumables like Praxis Kit, Ammo, Crafting parts, and Credits, are usable only once.

The post further stated that these should remain in the gamer’s inventory until they decide to use them. After they are added by the player, it will be consumed and won’t be re-usable. It is because of first party constraints that Consumables work in such manner.

However Durables such as Weapons, Skins and Augmentations are not for one-time usage. After the player has downloaded and installed them, they will be automatically available for all the playthroughs.

Meaning, that the guns and augmentations can be used over sometimes while credits and the crafting parts are locked for one save the game. The main reason behind such a step is because the game was not built keeping in mind these contents. Hence, if allowed to be repeatedly used, they might disrupt the balance of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

The Eidos Montreal community manager wrote on Reddit that they would never do anything to compromise the balance of the game for directing or encourage people to engage in micro transactions. He said that the game was balanced hundred percent independently, from the micro transactions available at the play store.