Details From The Latest X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer Revealed, Who Is Apocalypse and What’s His Plan? Let’s See

X-Men: Apocalypse is the conclusion to the prequel trilogy which started with X-Men: First Class. It will come out in just a few weeks and recently, we saw the launch of the third and final trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse. It comes with a lot more spectacle, a few more story hints and details.

The story for this upcoming movie was set up by previous trailers, suggesting that Oscar Isaac’s ancient mutant Apocalypse has awakened in 1983 and this means impending doom for all mankind. Releasing a trailer just few weeks before the movie sounds rather unconventional but Singer says that it was all planned. According to him, they had planned three trailers.

He said, “This trailer had to be ready weeks ago visually, so it could be reproduced all over the world. There’s still tons of stuff I wish I could have put in it, but you have to wait for the movie!” Meanwhile, in each and every shot we see Oscar Isaac; he is covered in blue-makeup, featuring prosthetics along with a large headpiece.

According to Singer, people won’t see Isaac as Isaac anytime in the movie. However, there is a shot of him lying on the table and from the looks of it; he is shaved from head to toe. Singer admitted that the shot was taken quite early on and it wasn’t a special moment but it gives the taste of who he really was. Singer continued, “…That’s when he’s not Apocalypse. This is when he’s a willing contributor.”

Therefore, this suggests that the scene took place in Egypt thousands of years ago and further supports the theory that Apocalypse transferred his consciousness into different vessels, in order to prolong his life. When Apocalypse talks about building a new world, his voice assumes a rather alien-like quality.

Singer explains that he is bearing the souls of many lives and characters. He further explained, “He has contained within him many voices, but he chooses one primarily. Sometimes he’ll lapse into other kinds of voices; all taken from various ranges and tones.” According to Singer, in order to achieve this, they turned Isaac into a half-man, half-microphone. Isaac had a bass mic to his right cheek, on his left cheek, he had a bass drum mic and a normal Sennheiser was used to record the normal dialogues.

They were able to take all the voices and augment them further. In the trailer, we see a fight between Charles Xavier and Apocalypse where the latter keeps growing in size. This battle takes place on the astral plane is what most people thought. In the end, Singer admitted that it is something similar to the astral plan.

He explains that Apocalypse is a very powerful mutant and his all-out attack spans over various levels. It is simply one part of an attack and every character is involved in one way or another.

Moreover, Apocalypse is on a truly global scale and he has the power of manipulating inanimate matter. Meanwhile, Raven/Mystique has become a full-hero after she saves the world in front of a lot of cameras and at the same time, she is somewhat of a folk hero among mutants.

Meanwhile, a lot of you aren’t aware of the setting in X-Men: Apocalypse. Since the dawn of civilization, Apocalypse was worshipped as a God and he is the first and most powerful mutant in the Marvel X-Men Universe.