Destiny DLC ‘House of Wolves’ Incoming After 1.1.2 Update, Reports on Attempts to Keep Revenue Flat, And More

Meanwhile, what can fans really expect from Destiny moving forward? Michael Pachter, Wedbush Securities Analyst, has presented a theory in this regard, based partly on what he was told by Activison. Gamers should keep in mind that Pachter is an insider, but he often mixes in rumors with information he knows to be correct. In many cases, he is forced to discuss what we already know.

Pachter has released a fact that Activison and Bungie plan on keeping the game’s revenue flat, year after year, until Destiny 2 is finally released. All of it could point towards major content drops, which is similar to the expansions in World of Warcraft. At the moment, it’s safe to bear in mind that Pachter is nothing but pure speculation.

According to him, there will be a four-month gap between each update with one $40 expansion and two $20 expansions per year. It’s not possible to go through all their revenue goals, but reports indicate that Bungie and Activision are hoping to get 20 million active players by 2017. All of these plans are quite similar to that of the Fifa Ultimate Team initiative that allows fans to buy a Fifa retail copy for once every year. After that, the roster is updated year after year.

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