Destiny DLC ‘House of Wolves’ Incoming After 1.1.2 Update, Reports on Attempts to Keep Revenue Flat, And More

Destiny update 1.1.2 was launched before the release of DLC ‘House of Wolves’, as promised by the game developer, Bungie. The latest update has focused on five important elements in the game.  Earlier, Bungie promised that it would be releasing another update in spite of Destiny Update 1.1.1 just rolling out recently.

According to a report from Game Informer, the latest update from Bungie focuses on various elements of the game like vault space, audio and visual, PVP ammunition and strikes along with raid fixes. However, Bungie didn’t guarantee that the latest update would fix all the issues regarding the five elements that were mentioned earlier. However, these five elements were currently the focus of Destiny’s ‘Live Team’. Earlier, Bungie admitted in a report that certain bugs erupted after the release of the Destiny Update 1.1.1.

Among these issues, there were concerns that surrounded the fourth Horseman. Reports indicate that the Update 1.1.1 caused the gamer stats on the weapon to flash in an incorrect manner. Furthermore, gamers also experienced ‘’Weasel errors’’ and missing items while making use of the Companion App. Meanwhile, Bungie declared that the ‘Live Team’ of Destiny would primarily focus on making the gamers satisfied with significant updates and fixes to the game. The loyal gamers, on the other hand, waited for the release of, ‘House of Wolves’. According to a report from Tech Times, the Live Team has been busy listening and gathering a lot of feedback from gamers.

In the meantime, Bungie has been working very hard in order to remain in the top of the list, especially after winning the ‘Best Game’ at BAFTA 2015. After receiving the award, Bungie President Harold Ryan expressed his gratitude towards the fans and thanked them for keeping the game more engaging and agreeable with their support. He further added that whatever the developers were doing to further upgrade the game was totally a labor of love.