Derogatory Shakira Banner Causes Espanyol Fans to Be Slammed, Hernandez Shows off Her Shakira Impersonation!

The 19-year old enjoys trying out new things and travelling like jumping off waterfalls and hiking, in spite of his fear. It was further revealed by Hernandez that she can do a great impression of Colombian pop-star Shakira. After that, she proceeded to sing Shakira’s favorite creation ‘His don’t lie’.

Meanwhile, Hernandez found time to get involved in charitable issues while the group is presently busy working on their 2015 debut “Reflection”. Recently, she partnered with March of Dimes and also visited Children’s Health at the University Hospital in San Antonio, Texas.

The January 6 visit by the singer was documented on Instagram and she further thanked the group’s fans for donating a lot of gifts to the hospital. Her post was captioned, “Yesterday was a day that will forever be imprinted in my heart.

Thank YOU, to the loving, caring, generous Harmonizers for donating an overwhelming amount of gifts to the children at the hospital. I had the honor of visiting these incredible kids and donating wagons of gifts on your behalf.”

Shakira started the New Year with new tunes as she served up a brand new single which will be featured on the upcoming Disney movie Zootopia. The song is titled ‘Try Everything’ and it comes infused with a lot chorus and drums which make the best of her signature vocal style. The song was co-written by song-writing duo Stargate and Sia.

Stay tuned for more updates on Shakira!