Derogatory Shakira Banner Causes Espanyol Fans to Be Slammed, Hernandez Shows off Her Shakira Impersonation!

Espanyol fans targeting Shakira with a derogatory banner was severely criticized by the Mayor of Barcelona. This happened with the pop-star partner of Barcelona defender Gerard Pique during the midweek Copa Del Ray match.

Thanks to a Munir brace at Cornella El Prat, Barcelona prevailed by 2-0 in the home of their city rivals. This resulted in a 6-1 aggregate win. This was earlier a bad tempered last 16 tie in most cases.

Meanwhile, Pique has been the target of abuse from Espanyol supporters. Furthermore, he mocked the fans earlier for not being able to fill their ground after the 4-1 victory by Barca during their first leg victory at Camp Nou. The banner to be criticized read, ‘Shakira es de todos’ and this literally translates to Shakira is everyone’s in English.

Ada Colau condemned the people responsible for such a banner while speaking to RAC1. She said that she found it horrible and looking at her made her feel like she was damaging her eyes. According to her, there are certain macho cultural values which later transforms into macho violence.

Josep Maria Bertomeu, the club president of Barcelona called on to match officials in order to declare that immediate action should be taken regarding those derogative banners among the Espanyol supporters. Among them, there was also a sign which praised the Barcelona goalkeeper Pau Lopez who stamped on star forward Lionel Messi during the first leg.

It read, “Pau, your foot shows us the way”. Bertomeu told Sport that he didn’t see the banners but came to know about them. He admitted to have talked regarding this issue after the game and the referee will take note while adding it to his report.

It has been less than three years that Shakira’s son Milan was born and he has already managed to impress his fans with his adorable drumming, his reading skills, his ability to recognize US monuments in English and his fearless goal-scoring at Barcelona’s home-ground Camp Nou! In the meantime, the little tyke is replacing his soccer skills with tennis frenzy.

The Instagram videos show that Milan is taking the first tennis lesson with his father, Gerard Pique, as shown in the caption. As the two played together, Pique counted Milan’s successful hits in Catalan. Although Milan is not yet ready to face off against Rafael Nadal but it is clear that both Pique and Shakira are pretty impressed by their boy’s talent in tennis.

Meanwhile, Ally Brooke Hernandez of Fifth Harmony declared in a recent interview some details about Dinah Jane Hansen and Lauren Jauregui which were never heard before. Hernandez said to US Weekly during an interview that he was asked to play a game called “How Well Do You Know Your Squad?”

According to her, when Hansen was on stage during X-Factor, she actually ended up peeing on herself. According to the 22-year old, Hansen told the producers that before getting on stage, she had to use the bathroom but since the group was about to perform, she was about to hold it.

Hernandez further said, “”When the doors opened…that’s when the show went on! She peed herself.” Meanwhile, Lauren Jauregui’s fear of heights was also dished on by the petite member of the group. Meanwhile, the band mate’s fear of phobia was found surprising by the band member and moreover Jauregui was considered the most adventurous member of the group.