Demonstration of new Facebook feature given by Mark Zuckerberg

After the discovery of so many amazing features in facebook which made facebook first in the race of social media, This time Facebook chief executive officer came up with new ideas.

Mark Zuckerberg believes that his new features will be so successful that it will make facebook the largest social media on the planet in the coming future. During the conference, Mark Zuckerberg told that all the new features were developed in facebook hackathon this year in November.

Facebook CEO gave the demonstration on various new feature but the customized version of the Oculus Touch controllers picked the hot spot in the crowd of new features, Other new features are posting of GIF in facebook comments, send a request in messenger to ask for user’s location and best suited offline messaging. The demonstration started with a customized oculus touch controller capable of changing environment cold/hot depending on the user’s behavior. After that, Mark Zuckerberg moved on to the next feature which is sharing of location between facebook users through messenger. Request for location is sent only when a user approves contacts.Users can also set automatic sharing of location and can also stop sharing location for a particular time limit.

Google the big giant in Information technology field released location sharing feature coincidentally few days ago in their new Trusted Contacts Application. The Facebook founder also revealed the solution behind GIF posting in Facebook comments, backed by GIPHY and Riffsy search engines. Mark Zuckerberg stated that lots of users will certainly love this feature which is already present on Twitter.

At last Mark Zuckerberg described the work that made an offline chat for company’s Messenger Lite app available in developing countries. The conference ended up with a discussion of the AI-powered Facebook album , which collects photos and videos from comments of a single post and binds them into a single online album. There is no verification that new feature will be pushed or not, keep waiting for more news.