Customization of Google search app

Google is a place where thoughts take birth, thoughts are implemented by hardcore developers of Google. The process to achieve the goal by developers goes like, first they do research on the domain then they work on all the pros and cons.

This time Google came up with a very innovative idea that is optimizing google search app. Google app does not work parallel with the Google website so, Google this time thought to make some changes in google search app that is optimization. Optimization is a term which is used to make things easier and user-friendly that’s what Google is trying.

Google is pushing various feature such as allow users to manage content in two different section, one is google feed and the other is upcoming section. One new feature which would be seen by users is upcoming events, in this google will set a notification to make you remember that today is an event. These informations are captured by Google apps used by users google.

The new release will also concentrate on personal feeds with user’s favorite topics such as cricket team, food, music, and news and now act as the main section on the app. This important release is made to ensure that needful data that user is looking for isn’t hidden in other content in the app. According to the report, the app will become user-friendly if the usage of the app is high.

Apart from these releases, Google is also releasing a new feature that helps you choose from topics to access more information in a particular subject  .