Death Of Whatsapp Plus With Official Update While Latest V6.87 APK Released With Fixes

In early 2015, WhatsApp shocked its users by totally shutting down all support for WhatsApp Plus. The Plus version of this application is not at all affiliated with the original developers. In spite of that, it has proven quite popular among users worldwide. The Plus version modified the source code of the original WhatsApp in order to implement features that are not present in it.

Currently, users will not be able to download this app any further. Reports indicate that certain users have also been blocked from using this app. The recent WhatsApp update introduced these bans which have left a lot of users unhappy. So, what is it that actually happened?

Earlier, WhatsApp allowed the Plus version to exist but also discouraged users from downloading this application. In the meantime, during 2014, the company also started banning users for 24 hours if they kept using the Plus version. With the help of a cease and desist letter, the company got WhatsApp Plus totally shut down.

However, users who update WhatsApp and earlier installed the Plus version risk facing a ban for a single day or a permanent discontinuation of the service. Since the application is quite popular, users have found this hard to accept. However, is the Plus version still available for use?

Speculations suggest that users can continue using the Plus version if they already have it installed on their device. Users who are tech-savvy can also side-download WhatsApp Plus on their devices. At the same time, it is imperative that users have the version which doesn’t set off the unauthorized usage detector on the original WhatsApp version.

If the inevitable happens, you will face a ban sooner or later. The app marketplace does not have this app anymore. Furthermore, download links for the Plus version is being removed from the internet by WhatsApp.

The users who have the original WhatsApp version shouldn’t worry about using this app or updating the original version. However, they should not have both the apps installed on their devices at the same time. Making use of WhatsApp Plus won’t trigger any form of bans or cause trouble for the users. From here, users can keep on using the great features in WhatsApp Plus while utilizing the core features of the original version.