Clash of Clans Updated Strategy Guide with Entry of the Go-Diva Assault Mode!

Clash of Clans is a free game application that is available from the App Store since June, 2012. With so much popularity, the game surely deserves a lot of recognition. The game requires a great deal of strategies and patience in order to progress through the levels while maximizing each and every part of your base in the process.

At first, you need to make a village, populate it with defenses, traps and resources and then lead a warring tribe. You need to make a town hall, set up your elixir resources and gold mines along with an army camp used for holding warriors. The Elixir Collectors are required to collect the elixir from underground or ether, or wherever it is they come from. At the same time, you need to get involved in a lot of architectural work.

The camp that you have needs to be turned into a formidable fortress, and this can be accomplished with several unlockables.  Once you start getting into higher levels, you will be able to unlock tougher and stronger armies in your barracks. In the meantime, using your clan castle, you can start forging alliances with several clans worldwide.

When you are attacking a village or taking part in a war, you will need a strategy. However, the initial battles are quite easy. Once you start racking up the trophies and collecting resources with time, you will end up facing more difficult bases. The Goblin Hideout missions are quite easy and can be easily destroyed in the beginning.

However, these missions become more challenging once you face more dangerous cannons protected behind walls and barriers. Even in multiplayer, you will need giants in order to break through walls and reach the defenses inside. As the game keeps building up, you will start facing more sophisticated enemies and bases that provide a dangerous challenge.