Days Of Our Lives: Theresa Learns To Be A Mother, Kristen Might Die, Kayla Is Coming Back To Salem, And More Information

Days of Our Lives fans should brace up for an exciting May, after what the trailers reveal. Theresa (Jen Lilley) is back home with her baby, but it’s not as smooth as she had imagined it to be. She is going to struggle as a new mother. Theresa gets help from her mother, Kim (Patsy Pease) who visits Salem to help Theresa cope with motherhood.

Rumor has it that Theresa will try to use the baby to mend things with her husband Brady (Eric Martsolf). Theresa along with Kim will try to convince Brady to be more hands on as a father and be there for his son. With the Molly Burnett’s tenure on the show coming to an end, it looks like Brady’s son will make him move away from Burnett’s Melanie and things will look up for Theresa and Brady.

The teaser of Days of Our Lives also shows that Will (Guy Wilson) will be facing some problems over his recent article. Clyde (James Read) finds out that Will has used his life for his writing assignment and he is not happy about it. He confronts Will to look for another subject for his work.

Will’s trouble, this season is not restricted to his profession. He has more coming with Paul (Christopher Sean) returning to Salem. Paul’s return is going to create trouble in Will and Sonny’s (Freddie Smith) marriage and fans have to sit back and watch the show to find out with the two ultimately head for a divorce.

The May sweep of Days of Our Lives is going to be an exciting one. Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) is out for vengeance. Victor (John Aniston) and Marlena (Deidre Hall) are going to pay a price for their way of treating Kristen (Eileen Davidson). There’s a rumor that Kristen might end up dead because of they have done and this is not going to be accepted by Stefano and things are going to take a nasty turn!