Bates Motel Season 3: Bradley’s Return Trigger’s Norman’s Killer Instinct, Romero Tortures Doctor For Information, More Details

Bates Motel Season 3 has been having exciting and breathtaking episodes featuring in it. With twists and turns awaiting its viewers at every corner, the show has had success in gluing its fans to the screen. In the 9th episode of the 3rd season we have had Bradley Martin return to the town after the murder of her father’s partner Gil.

The preview video features Norman and Bradley, wherein Norman asks Bradley as to why she is back in the town, to which she replies that she does not want to be dead and hence is back. At the end of Season 2 Bradley disappeared after killing Gil, her father’s old partner as revenge for her father’s death.

She was helped by Dylan and Norman to escape the city and disappear. In the following episode we had Bradley and Norman get intimate. We know that sexual encounters initiate the killing outrage of Norman and fans are left hanging to see what happens next.

This season had seen Norman hallucinating with the line between reality and hallucination blurring. It was this emphasis on hallucination that makes the viewers question Bradley’s return.

At the same time we have Norma talk to Bob Paris and tell him that she is ready to do anything now that her secret is open to him. Bob makes it clear that it is not Norma who calls the shots anymore.

Previously we had seen Bob Paris take strides to find evidence and dirt on Norma, which he could put forward in front of Sheriff Alex Romero who has had blind trust over Norma after the investigations of some of the deaths in the city. These deaths are likely to have been committed by Norman.

Bob Paris who brought the fact to light that Norman is a psychopath and blacks out every time he murders. Ever since the revelation of the secret, Bob Paris has had an upper hand on Norman. Everyone previously was led to the fact that Norman’s father has passed away in an accident.