Days of Our Lives: Major Drama Ahead, Andre Is in Trouble, Abigail and JJ Have a Tiff, Ava Is On a Mission!

Soap Central has reported that Abigail (Kate Mansi) will tell JJ (Casey Moss) about her plan to get married to Chad soon and settle down together at the DiMera mansion. This news isn’t going to go down well with JJ and he will voice his concern about it. JJ is shocked to find out that Abigail is back with Chad and he is going to be further shocked to know that the two are planning to get engaged soon.

There are spoilers indicating that JJ will try to stop Abigail from rushing into anything serious, but she has made up her mind and will not back down from it.

JJ isn’t happy about the fact that his sister is going to end up with one of the DiMera’s. He tries to make her change her mind, but that isn’t happening. However, Abigail and JJ will keep aside their issues and come together for the sake of their mother, Jennifer (Melissa Reeves).

She has been popping bills to forget her troubles and this is having a detrimental effect on her work. The siblings will have to come together to save her before she ruins her life.

Soap Shows has revealed that Belle (Martha Madison) has plans to do something with the DiMera money that were given to her by Sami, but she is still in two minds about it.

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