David Brent: Life On The Road, The Office, Hilarious Music, Mixed Reviews

Many critics hold firm against the n-word jokes and other racial stereotypes. The Daily Mail gave the movie just two stars and said it was full of duds and was a “slowly unfolding disappointment.” It also said that Gervais had lost his grip on the subtleties that were  characteristic of The Office.

Comic characters conceived for TV series often fail to strike a chord with the audience when portrayed in movies, but in Life on the Road the fine line between the personality of Brent and Gervais’ alter ego, and musical ambitions have blurred. Brent’s jokes fall flat and are dry.

Albeit the mixed reviews, the film would be like an extended TV special of The Office. The long wait for the avid fans of Brent, who have missed him for over a decade and keenly await his arrival, will be put to an end on August 19 when the film releases. But this time, Brent would not be seen in his habitat The Office.

Despite criticisms of Brent’s revisit of the past, Gervais is fearless; he says that in the past Brent was the manager and used to work with nice people but now the world has become meaner and worse.

In this harsh reality of the workplace Brent is constantly bullied, all the more reason for him to resurrect his musical spirit. The Office reflected the zeitgeist, will its spin-off Life on the Road be able to evoke the same magic?

Are you excited about the upcoming release of Life On The Road? Stay tuned for more updates on the movie and David Brent.