Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin Highly Upgraded For PS4 with Newly Added Enemies!

February has been a rather quiet month for gaming, as most gamers are painfully aware. However, the gamers who always wish to be in the middle of playing something, the Souls series have been a perfect candidate to them, leading up to From Software’s Bloodborne on the PS4 platform.

Meanwhile, recent reports indicate that a lot of gamers are waiting to replay Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin on the PS4 platform, before progressing on to this new exclusive. Everyone is aware that the Souls series features a great development flow. Gamers will notice the old ideas of Demon’s Souls in all of them and how they have maintained their position in the RPG genre. In reality, it’s quite pleasurable to witness them growing chronologically.

With Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, gamers will notice a lot of visual improvements to Dark Souls 2. Enemies have been reshuffled to populate each zone. It also bundles in three awesome DLC packs that were added last year which leads to an expansion in the game’s multiplayer capacity to permit bigger PvP brawls.

For veteran Dark Souls 2 players, this is more like a game+ mode. As a result, a lot of gamers are considering whether to purchase this title or not. However, it sounds like a reasonable option for new DS2 PC players pining for PS4’s Bloodborne. However, the latter will remain a Sony PS4 exclusive without any hopes for a future PC release. Meanwhile, Scholar of the First Sin will release on April 7 in the United States. Meanwhile, the release date has been moved forward to 2nd April in Europe.

The news screens feature numerous big multiplayer scraps along with the appearance of the Pursuer on the ogre island, located in the very first area of the game. At the same time, a new invader NPC knows as The Forlorn has been added. He can be recognized by his large scythe and leg armor.