Daredevil Season 2: Elektra to Join the Star Cast, Frank Miller Not Supportive, Photos from The Shoot Leaked!

Frank Miller added that he is the father of Elektra and people can’t just draw her up in any situation that they want. Frank Miller might be skeptical about how Elektra will be portrayed in the series and whether the show will do enough justice to her character, but he should be made aware of how Stephen DeKnight, the creator of Daredevil has adapted that character into the small screen.

Fans are not very worried about how Elektra will be depicted in the upcoming season of Daredevil since they know that Stephen DeKnight isn’t someone to do sloppy and amateurish work.

It isn’t possible to hang on to every word that Frank Miller says because he had also refused to watch the Batman movies saying that they won’t be anything like the real Batman of the comics.

Daredevil Season 2 will see Rosario Dawson coming back to play the role of Claire Temple along with Scott Glenn who will be back as Stick.

According to Screen Crush, Mister Fear and Mysterio, the known villains from the Marvel universe are likely to make an appearance in the upcoming season.