Apple iPhone 7: Tech-Specs Analyzed, Apple Making Headlines for Multiple Reasons, And More!

Rumors regarding the supposed design details of the Apple iPhone 7 have been dong the rounds for quite a while now and the rumor mills have started operating on a greater frequency in the past couple of weeks.

Here’s taking a look at what is happening in the world of technology at the moment. The latest rumors doing the rounds over the internet, refer closely to the bugs plaguing the iOS 9.2, the design specs of the iPhone 7, the phenomenal new wireless charging mobile case, T-Mobile’s sudden cost reduction of the iPhone 6S, the winners of Apple’s Music launch, the price and date announcement of the Apple Watch 2, Apple’s best apps of the year and Microsoft’s war against the iPad. Phew! Now that’s quite a list!

The rumors are hot and the comments on the forums fluous. With Samsung pairing up with TSMC for launching the A9 chips that power the iPhone 6S, the general mood in the market suggests that the two tech giants are at loggerheads! Reports claim that Samsung would have performed even better in the financial year 2015 had their smartphones featured the A10 chips.

It remains to be seen what Apple and Samsung have in mind for the customers and each other, since the battle is expected to be huge this time. The Apple iPhone 7 is slated to be the thinnest iPhone ever, and this is possible thanks to the advanced design of the A10 chips, which packs in the SoC and the cooling components in the smallest place possible.

As a result, the dimensions are small and it saves space on the overall design. Apple launched the iOS 9.2 earlier this week and the changelog pointed out that many of the flaws that have crept up suddenly in this version have been a part of the iOS family since iOS 9.

Some of the major problems that have showed up include the iOS turning off the alarm automatically, without the approval of the user, iCloud failure, hangs while attaching email. The users now want Apple to fix these bugs as early as possible since most of these are affecting the integrity of the iPhone.

Even though Apple’s take on the subject is unclear, experts have asked people to stay clear of the iOS 9.2 upgrade. Furthermore, if you’re using a jailbroken version of any previous iOS versions, you better consider sticking to that over the latest iOS.

As far as wireless charging iPhone case is considered, the usefulness of the device has been overlooked by the customers, in general, as it makes the iPhone look obnoxious and ugly. The only people opting for the case are the ones that do not care about what they’re holding in their hands.

Apple should sincerely consider upgrading their design principles when it comes to the iPhone accessories. In other news, carriers in the US have started a miniature price war by slashing the prices of the 128 GB variant of the iPhone 6S, to match the prices of the 16 GB variant. Hence, we are looking at price cuts of almost $200, which is huge at this level for an Apple product.

If you’ve always wanted to own an iPhone 6S, this would be the time to withdraw your savings and go for it! As far as the tech specs are concerned, the Apple iPhone 6S featured a 1715 mAh battery, loyalists hope that the company sees the irony behind the situation and installs a larger battery this time.

Rumors suggest that the Cupertino giants has considered replacing the traditional LCD panels with high-end OLED panels for much clear display, space and battery saving. Experts also believe that the A10 chip’s smaller overall dimensions will play a major role in reducing the size of the overall smartphone.