Danny Hides His Engagement From Mindy, Will Mindy Go With Jody In The Mindy Project Season 5? Season 5 To Air On 4th October!

Several fans are dreading The Mindy Project Season 5 since it will deal with Danny’s engagement and wedding, and they had been rooting for Mindy to end up with Danny for all this while. There is now very little chance of the two of them coming back together since while Mindy tried her best to stay away from Danny, he had jumped into dating again and had even gone ahead and gotten engaged.

The showrunner has addressed that Season 5 of The Mindy Project is all going to be about Mindy’s decision, and Matt Warburton has hinted at a decision that will surprise the viewers. There is no chance of a love triangle maybe, but Mindy is going to be in a very confused state of mind, and she will have to make a decision, especially now when she is a single mother.

While Danny might be her soulmate, there is something charming in the way in which Jody buys her the apartment and makes plans for Leo’s nursery and Mindy’s walk in closet. There are fans who melted with Jody saying that it was the time that someone took care of Mindy. While both Mindy and Danny love each other, he continues to be engaged, and this will be explored in the upcoming season of The Mindy Project.

The Mindy Project Season 5 is going to be back on Hulu on the 4th of October.

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