Dance Moms: Show Gets an Extension, Abby Lee Miller Not Happy with Ziegler, Guest Star Kristin McQuaid Confirms Her Appearance!

Maddie Ziegler isn’t interested in dancing anymore and would rather act in television series and movies. She hardly seemed interested in the solo competition that she was placed in against Brynn Rumfallo and even ended up losing it.

Maddie Ziegler wasn’t the least bit bothered at her loss and was more interested in the shoot for Seventeen Magazine that was scheduled right after.

Some viewers feel that Maddie’s lack of interest in ALDC and Dance Moms might be the reason for Abby Lee Miller’s excitement about Maddie Ziegler returning in the troupe. She knows that Maddie isn’t interested in the prospect of dancing anymore and has found other avenues to focus her talent on.

Miller, on the other hand, will continue dealing with her legal woes. She loses it and asks the girls to leave the studio when the mothers have to get in touch with Debbie Allen to ask for her permission to practice in her studio.

Kristin McQuaid is going to be back as a guest star in Dance Moms. According to Tulsa World, McQuaid was asked to become a choreographer for the show by Ava Cota, a 13-year-old who had previously been a part of ALDC, but now is in a rival group.

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