Dance Moms: Maddie Ziegler to Leave the Show, Abby Lee Miller Returns, And More

The fourth episode of Dance Moms saw Abby Lee Miller sending in a mail stating that she has resigned from the show. However, Inquisitr has reported that Abby Lee Miller is going to be back for the sixth episode and she will train the students themselves for their dance routines for Devotion 2 Dance competition.

With reports confirming that Maddie Ziegler is going to be out of the show, the mothers are all waiting to see which girl is going to take the Maddie’s spot. This is going to be the reason for a lot of drama since instead of letting one of her old students take the spot, Abby will choose Brynn Rumfallo.

This would immediately get the mothers unite against Brynn and they will blame the little girl of stealing Kendall Vertes’ spot and will accuse her of dancing too close to her. Ashlee Rumfallo, Brynn’s mother will immediately get on board to save her daughter and will state that if Brynn had danced too close to Kendall then Abby would have rectified it.

Abby on her part puts the blame on Kendall, stating that the girl should have spoken out if she had felt that Brynn was dancing too close to her instead of making her mother blame Brynn. Kendal Vertes is shown in tears in the trailer for episode 6 and with Abby siding with Brynn and her mother makes Jill Vertes even more furious.

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