Dance Moms: Filming Commences for the Next Season, Ziegler Missing from Action, Kira is a New Mom, And More News

In other news from the world of Dance Moms, Kira Gerard has given birth to her third child, a baby boy named Jett David Newman. Kira Gerard, who is the mother of dancing sensation Kalani Hilliker, had kept her fans in the loop about her pregnancy. It was back in July when Kira informed the world that she is expecting her third child, her first with partner David Newman.

Even before giving birth, she kept the fans posted about her prepping session and took a photo of her baby bump for the last time before she delivered. Even Kalani Hilliker has kept her fans informed about her mother’s pregnancy, posting photos of Kira in labor.

Kalani Hilliker had been a little skeptical about her mother’s pregnancy. She supposedly spoke out about it, but according to International Business Times, the footage was deleted from the show.

Kalani had said that she is scared that her life will change after the baby arrives and that she doesn’t want to get too attached to it. However, she was assured by Kira that nothing will alter her mission to dance and pursue her dreams.

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