Dance Moms: Filming Commences for the Next Season, Ziegler Missing from Action, Kira is a New Mom, And More News

Dance Moms has started shooting for the upcoming Season 6. The news was shared by Abby Lee Miller on her social network profile, and she has mentioned her excitement about the new season. There are reports that the first two episodes of Dance Moms will see Abby Lee Miller take her team to a competition.

Abbey Lee Miller gets Mackenzie Ziegler, Kendall Vertes, Brynn Rumfallo, JoJo Siwa, Nia Frazier to enter the Sheer Talent Special Edition Competition that is organized at Glendale in California.

According to Christian Today, the solo competition at the dance meet was won by Brynn Rumfallo with her performance on The Coronation, and the whole dance team won ‘The Girl in the Plastic Bubble’ round.

There are reports that Abby Lee Miller has been hearing a lot of flaks from the fans of Chloe Lukasiak after she made fun of the young dancer’s eye. Chloe Lukasiak recently shared a video talking about her fight with the Silent sinus and how she had to undergo a surgery.

Dance Moms Season 4 showed a major fight that took place between Abby Lee Miller and Chloe’s mother Christi Lukasiak, where Christi revealed how Miller had made fun about Chloe’s eye instead of working on her performance. Christi even said that the part should be edited out of the series since she didn’t want her daughter to be hurt from the whole experience.

Chloe Lukasiak and her mother left Dance Moms after Season 4. However, fans of Chloe haven’t been able to forget the incident and after Chloe came out in the open that she was suffering from a medical condition, which she has now recovered from. Abby Lee Miller has been blamed by the fans for being petty and inconsiderate for making fun of a young girl in such a manner.

With the shooting for the next season of Dance Moms under way, there are reports that Mackenzie Ziegler is not going to be a part of Abby Lee Miller’s troupe that enters the Sheer Talent dance competition. The competition will see all the ALDC dancers performing, but there are rumors that Ziegler will stay away from the event.

Ziegler has already reportedly missed two episodes from Dance Moms Season 6 and she is set to miss one more. Ziegler is busy shooting for The Book of Henry in New York and this will keep her away from the show.

Fans of the talented dancer are worried that Ziegler’s other commitments might get her axed from Dance Moms since she has missed quite a few episodes in recent times.

There are rumors circulating that Ziegler will not be removed from the show or from Abby Lee Miller’s ALDC since Abby herself is very fond of Mackenzie and she is going to make sure that she isn’t chucked out of the show.

Yibada has also reported that Mackenzie Ziegler asks for the approval of the producers of Dance Moms and Miller before going ahead and signing up on any other project and this move ensures her place in the Season 6 of Dance Moms.

Ziegler has reportedly made her stand very clear. The fact that she is a brilliant dancer is known. She is also a great singer and actor and with such talents in her kitty, she is out to become the triple threat in the showbiz!

She is already in a position where producers select her for their projects without an audition, and the little firehouse of talent is surely on her way to achieving great things.