Criminal Minds Spin-Off Beyond Borders Not Doing Well, Derek Morgan Tries to Find Answers While The BAU Tackles the Sandman!

The viewers will be happy to know that in order to help the FBI’s BAU team in their case, one of their old team members would come out to help. According to Master Herald, Paget Brewster will be back as Emily Prentiss to help the team track down their UnSub.

Prentiss had left the BAU to join Interpol and she will be asked to come and help the team in this challenging case. Brewster will only be back in a guest role for the episode and will not be featured permanently on Criminal Minds.

With Morgan coming back, the team will do their best to help him become normal again. Rossi and the others invite him to a poker game where they intend to start building the college fund of Morgan’s upcoming baby. Morgan had ended up asking his pregnant girlfriend Savannah to marry him after he realized that he was almost dead.

Even though Morgan doesn’t end up having a good hand, Rossi had already decided that 255 of every pot will go towards building the future baby’s tuition fund. The game night becomes a sort of welcome back party for Morgan when he realizes that his team is trying to make things normal for him.

The episode makes the fans realize why they love the show so much. After such a long time, they have created bonds with the characters and associate with them.

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