Criminal Minds Season 12 To Feature Adam Rodriguez as A Special Agent, Will He Be Capturing Mr. Scratch? Rumored to Air Before Fall!

Several fans are of the opinion that since Adam is debuting on the show in the upcoming season, the showrunners might want to put him charge of the manhunt. This will ultimately work towards establishing his character in a more efficient manner.

The character that Adam will play in the upcoming season will be that of a special agent in the Fugitive Task Force of the FBI. It has also been revealed that he will be a regular character of the 12th season.

The angle of Mr. Scratch’s escape in the previous season has reportedly lent a lot of storylines to the show. Apparently, both Erica Messer and writer Breen Frazier are extremely excited about this angle.

Messer also revealed that she wanted the characters of Diana Reid and Dr. Tara Lewis to make a comeback to the show in its upcoming season. The character of Diana Reid is played by Jane Lynch and Aisha Tyler portrays the character of Dr. Tara Lewis.

Some reports indicated that fans might be witnessing a crossover between Criminal Minds and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders in the upcoming season of the former.

Stay tuned for more updates on Criminal Minds Season 12.