Colorful Cartoon-Action Revealed In Kingdom Hearts 3 E3 Trailer, Sora Shown at His Most Powerful, And More

Tai Yasue, the co-director declared that the game will have a lot of different transforming options. However, Square Enix is keeping quiet on those who haven’t been shown in the trailer. A lot of new details on Kingdom Hearts 3 emerged during the colorful, action-packed trailer at E3 2015.

The fusion of Disney and Final Fantasy worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3 has been on the back burner for quite a few years now. Officially, Square Enix announced this title in 2013 but it didn’t show up in last year’s E3. The latest installment will include Tangled as well.

Tetsuya Nomura said that this title will finally conclude the central conflict in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Meanwhile, the game is also the first one to debut in Microsoft consoles as it will release on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, there were no further details and no release date announced.

Stay tuned for more updates on Kingdom Hearts 3!