Katy Perry: Feud with Taylor Swift Still On, Kodaline Jokes about being her Inspiration, Becomes face of Moschino, And More

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have gone all out in their war. The two who have been good friends, have now become sworn enemies. Their friendship dates back to 2008 and the drama between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift started in 212-2013.

The feud between Katy and Taylor wasn’t noticeable until Taylor went ahead and made a comment about it in an interview with Rolling Stone in August, last year. Taylor Swift further added fuel to the fire with her Bad Blood music video.

Even the uninitiated would know that Selena Gomez’s character, who throws Taylor Swift to her death, was based on Katy Perry. The wig Selena donned was very similar to the haircut that Katy Perry had.

The problem started when some of the backup dancers from Taylor Swift’s troupe, who were originally with Katy Perry’s group were asked to join Katy Perry in her Prismatic World Tour. The dancers said that they weren’t really dancing in Taylor Swift’s tour and were getting bored. Since they knew Katy Perry for over two years, they happily agreed to join her on tour.

Katy Perry was expected to make a comeback after the Bad Blood music video was creating so much of bad blood, but she kept quiet and maintained her dignity. It is believed that she is planning a new song that will reveal the nasty side of Taylor Swift. Set to be titled, 1984, after Taylor Swift’s famous album 1989.

This rumor has, however, been denied by Katy Perry’s manager, who said that there are no such songs that Katy Perry is associated with.

Katy Perry is known for her elaborate costumes and larger than life sets. She gave a spectacular performance at the Super Bowl this year, but it looks like that the concept and idea were not her own.

At a chat with Pete Donaldson of Absolute Radio and Sarah Champion, Kodaline singer Steve Garrigan joked that Katy Perry had got her idea from them. In an interview on the occasion of the Isle of Wight festival, the singer joked that they were thinking of using dancing sharks for their performance, but Katy Perry had already taken the idea.