Clash Of Clans Will Witness The Inclusion Of New Quests And Leadership Positions, How To Properly Use The Wall Breakers? Let’s See

While attacking your opponent, you need to clear a path through the walls, so that your troops can reach the defense structures. Sadly, wall breakers have a tendency of not going where they need to be. They run into the wrong walls, leaving your attack strategy ruined and your troops attacking the wrong structures.

Players need to understand that Wall breakers should be used to free buildings that have been partially or completely trapped by walls all around.

You need to understand how a Wall Breaker works before you use it in an attack. They will search for the closest building or turret that is trapped by a wall. It could be a partial or a complete entrapment.

Wall Breakers want to set things free, irrespective of what building it is. They will search for the shortest path to the trapped building, blow its walls and clear out a path.

It is no longer possible to fool Wall breakers by using short decoy wall portions. They understand when they’re being fooled since they only focus on freeing buildings behind/enclosed by walls.

If Wall breakers have nothing to blast, they will simply go after the nearest building available. In other news, according to NeuroGadget, the next update for Clash of Clans will focus on appeasing the fans.

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