Clash Of Clans Will Witness The Inclusion Of New Quests And Leadership Positions, How To Properly Use The Wall Breakers? Let’s See

Supercell is paying attention to Clash of Clans players about including their ideas on improving the game. Besides the latest updates coming to this game, Supercell will also focus on how the game can improve, based on fan opinions and comments.

Parent Herald reported that five different updates for launched for the game by Supercell. First of all, we have improved quests.

Fans will receive different quests on a monthly, daily and weekly basis. In this manner, they will not get bored with quests that last a long time. Therefore, when playing the game, players can enjoy a broader set of challenges.

When it comes to the leadership role, the leadership board fans prefer having an assistant or an elder leader who will focus on troop streamlining and remove people who are not essential to the group. Clan transfers and searches will be easily implemented so that friends, who need help, can be reached in time.

People can expect a new Clan Troop Bank along with new leadership roles and positions. However, the positions in a clan are limited. A co-leader is as influential as the leader. In the case of the leader demotes himself, the co-leader can take his place. Elders have the power to invite and accept new members or kick out a clan member for a valid reason.

Fans have long wanted heroes to be available in wars while they are being upgraded. They don’t wish to wait for the update to finish. A 23-hour preparation time for war will be a great addition and players want Clan War Tournaments to be introduced.

The Four-Star battle system in Clan Wars will be a great addition as well. Players want new flags and languages along with new level-up rewards.

Supercell, the Finnish developer behind Clash of Clans, is the first European company to be valued at 10 billion dollars after a controlling stake in the company was bought by Chinese giant Tencent.

Tencent is an internet conglomerate which declared that it wants to acquire 84% of Supercell from SoftBank, along with former and current employees, with the company being valued at 10.2 billion dollars.

It is the first deal where a European company has been valued at more than $10 billion. It is greater than Skype, which was estimated at $8.5billion when purchased by Microsoft in 2011. Similarly, Spotify was valued at the same level. Clash of Clans is a highly popular smartphone strategy game where warring civilizations are pitted against each other.

Ever since its launch in 2012, it has become the highest-grossing application of all time. It accounted for a major portion of $924milllion profit that was made by Supercell last year. In 2013, a 51% stake in the company was bought by SoftBank, and at that time, it was valued at $3billion.

Supercell’s founder, Ilkka Paananen, declared that this deal would allow the company to push onwards into China. Many popular internet portals in China are owned by Tencent. This includes WeChat, the most popular smartphone messaging application in China.

He told the staff that China houses more gamers than any other country. Platforms by Tencent have around a billion users. At the same time, they have 300million different players gaming on their platforms.

Meanwhile, Clash of Clans users faces a lot of trouble with Wall breakers. After you have studied the base of your enemy, it’s time to unleash your troops in a way that destroys most defenses, followed by the Town Hall, ultimately bringing you 2 to 3 stars in the process.