Clash of Clans: Major Update Around the Corner, Supercell Ready to Deliver Maximum Satisfaction to the Gamers!

According to various reports, Supercell will be using the new Clash of Clans upgrade to bring new features and interesting upgrades. Clashers are already aware that a massive upgrade is coming towards them, in the month of December. A lot of the upcoming details have already been confirmed like Town Hall 11.

According to an earlier HNGN report, it will get its first sneak peek later this month. However, new reports from Supercell indicate that the latest coming upgrade will bring about certain changes which affect the quality of life.

In a Touch Arcade Blog Post, Lazaros Lazarides noted that most people he had known stopped playing Clash of Clans because at one point the game requires spending a lot of time on it and that it isn’t fun anymore.

From the latest reports, Supercell is trying to make the game friendlier for all those casual players out there, like me for instance. It seems like a lot of gamers have complained that the game requires a lot of time to play. There are three confirmed features that will be introduced in coming update.

A new village guard concept, Personal Break, and Session Guard Concept will be introduced soon, in Clash of Clans. Sadly, there is a lot of information still missing.

However, considering the announcements from Supercell, they are working on an adjustment that will allow both the casual and advanced Clash of Clans players, to have fun with the game.

Meanwhile, there are loads of hardcore players who are simply waiting for Town Hall 11 to be introduced in Clash of Clans. They are looking forward to the next week which begins on 23rd November.

Supercell has confirmed that the coming update will be the biggest till date, ever since they launched Clash of Clans, 3 years ago. According to Touch Arcade, Supercell reported that they are aware of how the next update has taken a really long time to develop.

The development was in line with its primary objective to ensure that all the major changes and improvements that are brought into the game, are duly tested and as balanced as possible.

Before Clash Con, the developer announced that Clashers, all over the world, are only a few days from getting a good preview of what’s in store for them, in the next update. On 23rd November, the 2-week sneak-peek schedule will begin and all the gamers will be welcomed to join the discussion. The topics for discussion are as follow:-

  • Matchmaking, Trophy Offers, and League Bonuses
  • Town Hall 11 news which includes a new defense and a new hero
  • Shields – Part 1: Attacking and Defending
  • Shields – Part 2: Personal Breaks and The Village Guard

These are the planned topics of conversation that have been announced by the developer and furthermore, it revealed some brand new features that will be introduced with the latest update.

Besides the new defense, new hero and TH11 upgrade, the update will bring changes to Shields and a new Village Guard feature which sounds rather promising.

A completely new level of excitement has been promised to gamers, with the quality of life changes that will be introduced soon. This will make the game balanced which further ensures that players of all categories can have fun.

With the new update, Supercell plans to introduce a much-needed balance between casual and advanced gameplay. In order to keep the COC momentum going, the developers have planned to change the usual game setting.

Therefore, it finally seems like Supercell wants to keep things interesting in Clash of Clans. It is a very promising game, built for the mobile platform and the fact that Supercell plans to make it even better, sounds rather exciting.