Clash of Clans: Clashers in Philippines Get Ready for the Biggest Tournament, Supercell Introduces One Gem Boost for Resource Collectors for an Entire Week!

A new update in the popular mobile strategy game Clash of Clans was released last month and brought with it, a lot of new items, goodies, features, and fixes. The latest update in the troop category is the Level 5 dragon which costs a whopping 8 million elixir to unlock.

This Level 5 dragon will be introduced in Town Hall 10. According to a report from Master Herald, you will need to upgrade to a whole new laboratory in order to unlock the Level 5 dragon. The same report suggests that the latest update has made the game more interesting and challenging at the same time.

However, overall it contributes to a balanced gameplay setting. In the meantime, how many times have you cursed when some enemy attacks your base with 3 lightning spells on top of your Dark Elixir Storage and runs away with a handful of Dark Elixir? Well, thanks to the latest update, this is no longer possible.

Lightning or any form of damaging spells will have no effect on the Gold, Elixir or Dark Elixir storage units. They can still be used to inflict heavy damage on defenses, collectors, and other buildings and kill enemy clan castle troops as well.

The playing and training time for Clash of Clans has also been lessened. Creating spells will take much lesser time. The time for creating a lightning spell has been reduced from half an hour to 20 minutes. At the same time, freeze, jump and rage spell times have been reduced from 45 to 30 minutes.

Furthermore, low ranking players will now be able to unlock the dragon which will even out the gameplay with veteran players. The former will be finally provided an opportunity to win the game. Earlier, players would dump trophies in order to get access to lower level bases which are easier to demolish.

Well, Supercell addressed this issue with the latest update since it caused a variety of problems to players all over the world. Reports indicate that Supercell altered the multiplayer algorithm in Clash of Clans in order to penalize and prevent trophy dumping on this platform.

Meanwhile, on 24th October, a Clash of Clans convention will be conducted in Helsinki, Finland. Tickets can be acquired from 24th July, as reported by Master Herald. At the same time, Smart has recently launched the biggest tournament for the mobile game in the Philippines.

Melissa Limcaoco says that Filipinos have been hit hard by the Clash of Clans phenomenon. People in the Philippines, coming from various spheres of life are grouping together to form a clan and compete with each other, every chance they get.

The Head of Smart’s Innovation and Product Development Group further declared that it was about time that they held the country’s biggest COC tournament, offering a competitive yet friendly venue for players to showcase their skills.

Last month, we saw an exciting update and this month, Supercell introduced something equally rewarding for clashers all over the world. The latest update provides users the popular gem boost option. Using just a single gem, users will get full resource boosts for an entire week. Keep in mind, that’s one gem each for every one of your collectors and mines.

This was done in order to celebrate Clash of Clans’ three-year anniversary. The developers are adding more features, strategies, troops and additional options and it’s making the game more interesting by the day.

In order to keep this excitement going with a vote of thanks to the players who made this game a success, players can now double their gold, elixir, and dark elixir for an entire week. Clash of Clans is absolutely free, but players can speed up a lot of things and buy resources by using gems.

You can acquire these gems in small to medium amounts by cutting bushes, trees, trunks and breaking gem boxes. You can also complete a wide range of achievements that can provide you a lot of gems over time.