Clash of Clans: All You Need To Know About ClashCon 2015 and the Recent Maintenance Breaks, More Information

If you can’t join Supercell in Helsinki on 24th October, a different prize-winner will be selected. Furthermore, clan members are only allowed to be the part of a single plan during the entire duration of the contest. The content that is submitted should be suitable for publishing and it needs to be ensured that you have all rights and permissions to post the content.

ClashCon 2015 will have different kinds of workshops. One of them is Attack Strategy Workshops where you can talk to some of top clashers in the world and discuss how to get three stars while attacking a base. In the How is my Base? Workshop, participants will get to know about the base layout, design and how their bases stack up overall.

In the Art of War panel, participants will know about how to win each and every war and another panel named ‘Attack Strategy Panel: Ground or Air?’ will discuss about the army composition while attacking.

There will also be a Single Player Challenge event where participants get to test their skills regarding how fast they can defeat the Goblin Horde. There will be 5-on-5 Clan Wars and gamers participating in these events have a chance to be on the main stage in the Clan War finals. Meanwhile, Supercell promised that participants will be receiving free shirts and many other special gifts.

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