Clash of Clans: All You Need To Know About ClashCon 2015 and the Recent Maintenance Breaks, More Information

Supercell, the developer of the massively popular Tower Defense strategy mobile game Clash of Clans recently announced that it will be updating its forums. Moreover, during the maintenance periods, these forums will not be accessible.

Supercell further declared that it would be a massive update and it will be done in order to improve the mobile forum experience. He admitted that he didn’t know how long the maintenance period will last for but probably not too long.

The post from Supercell revealed that they will be making further minor tweaks here and there. Well, two things we came to know from the declaration that forums would not be available during the update and some minor tweaks will be added.

Besides this, Supercell also started a thread in the Ideas and Requests Section, titled Forums for Mobiles. Recently, Supercell started conducting a lot of maintenance breaks. One was conducted in 22nd September which led some minor bug issues being fixed followed by the assurance of smooth gameplay.

There will also be some server improvements included as well. Gamers experienced another update on 23rd September which Supercell declared was unexpected server maintenance. In the meantime, Supercell will be hosting its first ever community event in a month’s time from now, in 24th October. The event will come with community players’ tournaments, workshops, challenges, panel discussions, special gifts and 5-on-5 Clan Wars. The event will feature gamers from 30 different countries.

According to Supercell, the official declaration reads, “Get together with your clan and make a short video, submit it to our team, and you could win a trip to ClashCon 2015 in Helsinki for you and four (4) of your clanmates!”

The Clanmates that are selected will win a trip to ClashCon and at the same time and at the same time, they will be provided with accommodation, flights and event tickets for ClashCon. Meanwhile, gamers around the world will be able to see Clashers take center stage in the conference while facing off against each other.

The contest participating rule further suggests that gamers who are 18 years or more will only be accepted. The rules for the contest are as follows. Firstly, you must be old enough to travel to ClashCon. Secondly, although the minimum age limit is 18, the age limit to travel in your country could be more than that.

You also need to have a travel passport along with any other essential documents you need, like a Visa.  While Supercell helps you out with other stuff, they will not provide you any assistance regarding your Visa and other documents needed for travelling to Finland. You must also keep in mind that ClashCon is on 24th and you need to travel to Finland from 22-25th.

In case you are absent, Supercell has the right to withdraw your prize and select a different winner. You and your party needs to submit personal information, travel photos and all necessary travel information by 4th October, 2015. Failing to do that will result in Supercell not awarding you the specified prize.

No members of your party are beyond the above eligibility requirements declared by Supercell. At the same time, partners, moderators and employees of Supercell are not allowed to participate in the contest. In the meantime, prize is not redeemable for monetary value.