Captain Marvel Rumored to be a Part of Avengers Infinity War Part 1, Russo Talks about Netflix Marvel Characters Appearing in the Movie, And More

There are many superhuman characters via the humans showcased in S.H.I.E.L.D. On top of that, there is also Cloak and Dagger, Marvel’s Most Wanted. In fact, Jeph Loeb of Marvel TV told that at any given time, you will find that there are around 10 shows in active development.

Fans from both sides of the Marvel Universe have been asking the same questionwhether we will ever get to see the characters from those shows go to the other direction and finally show up on the big screen. In the upcoming Avengers movie, we will witness a cosmic villain like Thanos and there will be universe-altering implications.

Therefore, this is probably the best time for all the characters to unite. The writers/directors of both Captain America Civil War and the two-part Infinity War started laughing heartily when they were asked this question by during the European Press tour for Captain America Civil War.

Joe Russo said, “The Marvel Universe is sprawling – the Marvel Cinematic Universe is enormous. Just think of all the characters that haven’t been introduced yet that are going to be introduced by the time that we’re working on Infinity War.”

According to him, they have a hard task simply telling the stories of the characters who exist on the big screen, belonging to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, let alone choosing the entire Marvel TV Universe.

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