Calum Hood Hints At Wanting To Leave The Band, Fans Come Out To Blame His New Girlfriend Nia Lovelis For The Decision!

Luke Hemmings had recently revealed some worms about 5 Seconds of Summer. He revealed that the boys have had their share of fun when they are on tour. He added that with four boys in a tour bus and numerous fans throwing themselves over them, there are going to be moments that cannot be explicitly talked about. He said that the boys from 5SOS have had sex with their fans while they are on tour and this has shocked the world.

Luke Hemmings has also added that he has become very wary of people after he has been living on the road with the four boys. With so many people wanting to get friendly with him, he said that he has become sceptical about people and their intentions and always wonder what they want from him in return of his friendship.

With One Direction on a long break, there are talks that the band might not be coming back together anytime soon. With One Direction out of the picture, 5 Seconds of Summer had the whole arena open to carve out a space for themselves, but it looks like the boys are too busy jamming and sharing goofy photos to get down to making good music.

Now with reports of Calum Hood leaving the band circulating, fans of 5 Seconds of Summer will have to wait and watch for the band to cast some magic on the music industry.

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