Calum Hood Hints At Wanting To Leave The Band, Fans Come Out To Blame His New Girlfriend Nia Lovelis For The Decision!

Calum Hood has given rise to some speculations that are scaring the fans of 5 Seconds of Summer. Looks like the guitarist isn’t keen on continuing with 5 Seconds of Summer and is thinking of leaving it to lead a more normal life.

The band is currently on tour in Japan and Calum Hood has been skipping rehearsals. Hood had recently uploaded a post stating that he will not be making it to rehearsal without giving any further explanation about his action.

The fans of Calum Hood are thinking that the sudden change in his attitude is because he has started dating Nia Lovelis from the punk band Hey Violet. Fans of Calum Hood also believe that the three tattoos that he has got and the sudden change in his hairstyle is also because of his new girlfriend.

Movie News Guide has reported that there are speculations that Calum Hood is planning to leave the 5 Seconds of Summer because he and Nia Lovelis plans on starting their own band. While this seems like a possibility, it is pretty far-fetched since Nia Lovelis is already a member of a particular band and she is in no mind to leave it.

5 Seconds of Summer has won the NME Awards for the Worst Band for the second time in a row and fans are thoroughly disappointed with the boys. The boys on the other hand seem to be enjoying the fact that they have been able to bag the award for the second time and have been posting on the social media celebrating the news.

It looks like Calum Hood isn’t very interested in continuing with a band that doesn’t enjoy a lot of importance on the radio song list and doesn’t have any songs that feature on the billboards list.

Calum Hood had been staying away from the red carpet events where 5 Seconds of Summer is asked to attend. While hasn’t been given much importance by the fans, they have now started to speculate that this was Calum Hood’s way of slowly starting to move away from 5 Seconds of Summer. There are reports that Calum Hood is going to announce his intention once the Sounds Good Feels Good tour comes to an end.

Calum Hood had first made public his desire to leave 5 Seconds of Summer back in December when he tweeted about wanting to leave 5SOS so that he could lead a normal life. However, he had deleted the post soon after and when he had been confronted by reported at LAX asking if he was indeed planning on leaving 5 Seconds of Summer, he added that he has no such intentions.

There are some fans who have lashed at him for joking about something that is so grave while others have shown support to him by stating that it was his personal decision if he wanted to be in the band or leave it.

Inquisitr has reported that 5 Seconds of Summer is working on their third album and they have been teasing the fans about it in their Snapchat and Twitter videos.

Ashton Irwin has even announced that he is going to write some of the songs this time round and Calum Hood looked equally excited about the upcoming album. He had even shared a few Snapchats jamming on the supposedly new songs.