Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Is Receiving Major Hate and Dislikes, At the Same Time, People Are Pretty Hyped About the Modern Warfare Remake!

Earlier this week, it seemed like the upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has been overshadowed by the upcoming Remastered version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It is a $20 add-on which you can get after purchasing the original Infinite Warfare game itself. From the looks of it, the new game will be playing second fiddle to its own promotional tool.

However, the latest details make Infinite Warfare sound rather good. Right now, all COD fans are aware that the game is in space. You clearly see the spacecraft team launching into space together as a swarm while “Space Oddity” starts playing.

That part was good, real good stuff. It was unexpected of a song like that being included in a Call of Duty trailer. However, the trailer didn’t do much justice to the game’s setting. It looked quite indistinguishable from earlier games like Ghosts and Advanced Warfare. However, coming to know what this game is actually about, the campaign might really be a good one.

An interview with Game Informer revealed, “Now you’re playing as one character and he’s a pilot, and you get to fly his fighter jet and you get to customize it. You get to command your ship to go to a particular location and launch out in your fighter jet, jump out into zero-g, fight along the surface of an enemy ship, breach the side of the ship, and engage in boots-on-the ground combat inside the ship. Once inside, you can scuttle it, steal enemy Intel from it, and get the heck out and back to your ship and order it to another location.”

The Infinity Ward team further talked about The Retribution which your home base ship is including a full crew that you can talk with. It can also be sent to new places for your missions.

Once you read it entirely, it will seem like the upcoming Infinite Warfare is more Mass Effect and Star Citizen instead of Call of Duty. However, three years of working on Infinite Warfare may result in something more polished and incredibly unexpected.

The Call of Duty franchise needs to make a lot of structural changes in order to stay relevant. The series enjoyed peak interest levels a few years back but all of it is starting to change.

A steady decline in gamers being attracted to this franchise is being noted. Details about the upcoming game do hint at some kind of an open-world RPG-ish gameplay.

The way this game is being described, it can turn out to be a linear segment of the campaign. Maybe they have built on Black Ops 3’s setting of letting the players choose to play the campaign levels in any order they prefer.

In the end, this game is not actually going to be an open-world space roaming title like Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen or EVE. At the same time, the trailer teases various elements which do look interesting.

YouTube can sometimes seem to be a breeding ground for trolls but the latest Infinite Warfare trailer is receiving MASSIVE dislikes, notice how I stressed on massive. The video is full of people saying mean things about the new game and trailer. The dislikes are increasing in plenty and at this rate; a 1 million dislike is possible, from the looks of it.