Cable Likely To Feature In Deadpool 2, Several Actors Express Their Interest In The Role, Production To Start Early Next Year!

With the time travelling mutant Nathaniel Summer and his partner joining him, Deadpool aka Wade Wilson will be in a better position to take down the enemies this time round. Reports suggest that Wade Wilson will face Taskmaster in Deadpool 2. The news was revealed by Ed Skrein in an interview.

The Taskmaster is one of the most notorious villains in Marvel, and it is going to be interesting to watch Deadpool interact with him. The Taskmaster is known to have trained numerous super villains and is part of organizations like Thunderbolts, Cabal, and A.I.M. One of his powers include his photographic reflex, where he can mimic the exact fighting techniques of whoever he fights with.

There is evidence of Taskmaster meeting Deadpool since there is a reference in the comic book, which reveals Taskmaster stating that it tends to get a little difficult defeating Deadpool because he has a very chaotic and unpredictable personality and hence seldom repeats things.

The script for Deadpool 2 is almost complete, and if everything pans out as planned, then the film will go on the floors in the first half of 2017. This makes the fans hopeful that the movie can be released by Thanksgiving next year. Deadpool was a huge success in the box-office, and the producers are planning to the make the sequel even better.

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