Britney Spears New Biopic will Debut in 2017

The Britney Spears biopic movie is expected to debut in February 2017. The two-hour TV movie, under the title ‘Britney’, will be based on the life of the pop singer; it will follow the life of Spears as a young girl in Lousiana, her rise to stardom, fall and grace, along with her famous boyfriends and breakups. The production of the anticipated TV movie began on September 19, 2016, in Vancouver, Canada and many of her fans will soon have the chance to see the new TV movie.

Cast & TV movie

The unauthorized movie ‘Britney‘ was directed by Leslie Libman (Manson’s Lost Girls) and written by Anne-Marie Hess and it was produced by Asylum Entertainment. Executive producers include Jonathan Koch and Steve Michaels. More specifically the upcoming movie will document her unbelievable 55 hour marriage to Jason Alexander and her 3 years marriage to Kevin Federline (Clayton Chitty), with whom she also had two sons. With her life spiraling out of control, Britney hit bottom, lost the custody of her two sons and for some years she had a really bad time. Spears was devastated with the divorce of her dear parents (Lynne and Jamie Spears), which playce a significant role in her downfall. The biopic will also include her meltdown in 2008, when she had to be under psychiatric observation and her father’s conservatorship. It was a year that really made the star fall apart. It seemed like she could lost everything she had worked for. The film will also be concentrated on he failed marriages to her friend from childhood year, Jason Alexander and Kevin Federline (documented in the reality (tragic) series Britney and Kevin: Chaotic). But she managed to face all her problems; she rebuild her career to its former glory, began to have a great relationship with her two kids and started to proving to everyone that she is very capable and can star again. The Australian actress Natasha Bassett, who has also appeared previously in ‘Hail, Caesar’, will star in the movie as Britney Spears and she will be accompanied by the actor Nathan Keyes (Justin Timberlake).

Her Disapproval

The famous 34 years old singer Britney Spears has already expressed her disapproval over the upcoming movie and she will not be contribuing in any way to the biopic. It’s clear that she is not happy about it, but she is also dedicated to her music career and works hard for it every single day. She loves making music and she recently worked hard for her ninth studio album, under the title ‘Glory’, which was released last month.