Brad Pitt Gives Angelina Jolie an Ultimatum to Get Healthy, Rumors of Them Heading Towards a Split Surface!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have always prioritized their kids and they have turned a deaf ear to the rumors and have been spending time with their family. With Jolie busy promoting Kung Fu Panda 3, Brad Pitt was seen shopping with his kids at BBQ in London. He was also spotted in a hardware store with two of his kids.

People has come out to report that while the world is focused on Angelina Jolie’s weight loss problems, the actress is busy with the Syrian refugee crisis. The actress was recently at Lebanon and Greece as an ambassador of the United Nation. She met the Prime Ministers of both the countries and asked how the influx of the refugees having been affecting their nation.

Jolie informed People Magazine that the crisis that the world is seeing is a result of the conflict that is taking place all over the world. She said that there is war in Afghanistan, Darfur, Somalia and there are over 60 million refugees worldwide who have no safe place to escape to, in order to ensure the safety of their family.

She said that countries will have to address the situation and make sure that they have enough resource to identify and assist these people and give them proper asylum and then take steps to improve their condition. Jolie has developed personal bonds with the refugees that she has worked with and is constantly in touch with them and meets them whenever she has time.

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