Blade Runner 2: Harrison Ford Set To Return with Ryan Gosling, Ridley Scott Brought on Board, One on One with Scott on His Next Movie, And More

With Ridley Scott’s famous movie getting its second instalment, fans are curious to know what is happening to his other film Prometheus 2. Prometheus 2 was announced last year and since there has been a lot of speculations surrounding it.

A lot of rumors were doing the round about the much anticipated movie and Scott did a lot of abate the false news surrounding the film. It is believed that Prometheus 2 will be directed and produced by Scott himself.

In an interview with Total Film Magazine Ridley Scott had said that he has been taken back into the sci-fi genre and he loves working in it. Scott said that the script is done and this time there are more interesting things in store for the fans.

While Scott hasn’t spilled any scoop related to the script of the movie, it has been confirmed that Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace is set to reprise their role of the droid David and scientist Elizabeth Shaw respectively. The only information that Scott has confirmed is that the Xenomorphs will be missing from action and will be replaced by creatures that are far more interesting and scary.

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