Black Ops 3 Deluxe-Standard Versions Removed From Xbox Live and Amazon, Stormtrooper Themed Xbox One Controller Emerges, More Information

In the meantime, Extreme Consoles, a UK based company revealed their latest creation which should become a must-have for the geeky gaming community. It’s none other than a Star Wars themed Xbox Controller. It was designed after the look of a Stromtrooper and seems like the designers pretty much nailed it too.

Phil Spencer, Xbox main man caught sight of this controller and decided to re-tweet it. You should be a bit concerned about the fact that the left thumbstick is placed where the Stormtrooper’s eye should have been and that could be a little weird.

However, considering all ‘ya crazies’ out there, this probably shouldn’t pose much of a problem! You can take a look at Extreme Consoles and all they have to offer, through their official website. They sell their custom wares through direct order, or via eBay or Etsy.

In the meantime, Microsoft wishes to launch a new Xbox One Update in November which will be powered by Windows 10. The update will come free and according to Microsoft, it should offer the fastest and most social Xbox experience ever!

At the same time, Microsoft also talked about the Xbox One Backward Compatibility update which allows gamers who owned various titles on their old Xbox 360 to play it on their new Xbox One consoles. Meanwhile, official channels indicate that Xbox One was the best-selling next generation console in Latin America during 2014.

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