Vampire Diaries Season 7: Caroline and Stefan Coming Together, Damon Unleashes the Dark Forces While the Heretic Wreak Havoc!

The Vampire Diaries Season 7 is has hit screen and fans are skeptical about how it will be without Nina Dobrev. Fans needn’t worry since the premiere episode of Vampire Diaries Season 7 takes the show back to the original mysterious charm that it possessed and the fans love it.

With Elena, played by Nina Dobrev out of the picture, the creators are well aware of how her fans might be feeling; watching an episode of Vampire Diaries without her in it and hence they have kept her essence in the series.

Elena had been put to need sleep that will last for many years. This was done to prevent her from danger, but it has been revealed that Elena’s body is still not safe and Damon and Stefan are constantly keeping guard over it. Damon is keeping sure that everything is safe so that she isn’t in any problem when she finally wakes up.

The opening sequence of Vampire Diaries Season 7 shows Caroline writing a diary to Elena. None of the characters are mopping about Elena not being with them anymore, but they are all gathering the courage that she gave them and working harder to make her proud. Damon primarily doesn’t have time to be sad about Elena not being there, since he has to save Mystic Falls from the Heretics.

With Season 7 Episode 1 a major success, CW has already released photos of the upcoming season. The photos hint that Lily and Heretics will use Caroline as a pawn in their grand plan to capture Mystic Falls. The photo shows Caroline hanging inside the Heretic hotel and while there she stumbles across some significant insight on Stefan’s past.

TV Line has reported that Vampire Diaries Season 7 will show Caroline captured until the third season. She will ultimately be rescue by Bonnie and Damon when they team up together for that purpose. This in hinted at the fact that the two are immersed in a discussion of what looks like a plan.

There is a picture the shows that Damon is in a conversation with his mother before things can get any worse between them. The two are shown standing the woods. Damon isn’t the greatest of fans of his mother, but he knows that in order to contain her powers, he has to make her aware that he doesn’t want to do any harm.

Lily Salvatore, Damon and Stefan’s mother, and her family of vampire-witches are going to make things very difficult for our characters in Mystic Falls. However, the Heretics are very interesting and no matter how evil they are, the fans are keen on finding out more about them.

Things are going to get very interesting when Stefan gives the Heretics the key to the Salvatore home and Damon’s reaction to it. Damon this season is going to get his wild side out and fans are all excited about it.

Vampire Diaries Season 7 is going to bring to screen the original Damon that fans got to know in Season 1. With Elena around, Damon had mellowed down, but now he is again going to get in touch with his rustic and wild self.

This wild side of Damon was revealed in Vampire Diaries Season 6 when Kai came into the picture and this season is going to unleash the dark forces within Damon.